MP Titus Khamala: A man of all seasons

By - May 29th 2023

Lurambi MP Titus Khamala is, perhaps, the only legislator running a fully-fledged church while serving his people in the National Assembly. He is the overseer of Cornerstone Ministries, an evangelistic ministry aiming at proclaiming the gospel of Christ across Kenya as the sole purpose of existence. Titus became the talk of the town when his lover, MCA Sylvia Muteshi set his clothes on fire over relationship troubles. 

And if this is not time-consuming enough, the MP has gained traction among Kenyans for never missing an opportunity to spread humuor. Recently, a video of him condemning a police officer who hit Shieywe ward MCA Jael Omunyangoli with a baton from behind for leading an Azimio demo in Kakamega went viral due to its hilarious nature.

The MP wondered how a male officer could use a wooden rungu to beat such a ‘beautiful and curvaceous’ woman on her behind. 

“I thank God I am not a police officer,” he concluded. 

Gift for dear wife

Early this year, when MPs retreated to Mombasa for a two-week workshop, Khamala bought a pawpaw and carried it all the way home to gift his wife who fondly received it. He revealed that he even had to lie to Roots Party presidential candidate in the last elections, George Wajackoyah, about what he was carrying in the bag when they met on a Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi. 

“I’ve brought my wife a pawpaw from Mombasa. My people, I’ve carried this pawpaw from Mombasa, on the plane, Kenya Airways, and in a basket until we reached Nairobi. I then put it well and boarded a small plane.

“I travelled with Hon Wajackoyah while seated next to each other. He asked me ‘bishop what is this you’re carrying’, and I told him ‘Wajackoyah these are Parliament books I’m carrying, yet it’s a pawpaw’.

This girl from Marama smiled at me well when I arrived here. Let me put it inside the basket, we’ll cut it and enjoy it,” he said.

In October last year, Khamala caused hilarious moments when he urged Mumias East MP Peter Salasya, who is yet to settle down, to marry his house girl, whom he only identified as Joy, to assist him with his duties. He said she was a “natural beauty.” 

“Joy is a natural beauty with no makeup, pure kienyeji with zero makeup, right from the top (down),” he said at his Lurambi home in her presence as he warned him against marrying city girls.

All she could do was smile shyly. 


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