They raid homes, steal animals, crops, and food

By - Jan 1st 1970

Agnes Khatsika, a resident of Navakholo sub-county,  is a disturbed woman. She says locals have been having sleepless nights since a gang strike at will, stealing kitchen and cooked food.
“A group of youths came and raided my kitchen where they took food that we were preparing to eat and ate it before carrying away uncooked cassava, potatoes, and maize flour,” she narrated about her close encounter with terror at night.
In the Shinyalu sub-county, seven families were left homeless a group of 100 people stormed their homes, torched 11 houses, and ate food that was being prepared before attempting to kill cows.
The attack is said to have been carried out after the seven families allegedly trespassed on the Shavirotsi Primary Complex School, a move that irked a section of locals that turned against them.

Kill, slaughter, and share the meat

According to Dorothy Anga’ana, they were attacked at around 8 pm by the mob that largely comprised youth.
 “We were cooking the food when the attack happened. They stormed into the kitchen where I was cooking, grabbed the food that was ready, and ate it,” recounted Ang’ana.
According to the mother of 10 children, after consuming the food, the raiders attempted to slaughter her three cows.
“They went and attacked my cows, their intention was to kill, slaughter, and share the meat amongst themselves. But their mission flopped after they were unable to contain the animals,” she added.
Phoebe Khayannje, another victim of the gang’s brutality, says she was attacked, her food eaten and the uncooked destroyed before the raiders walked into the pen and stole four cows.
“I have lost my cows. They tried to slaughter them but they were in a hurry and decided to go with the cows to an unknown place to slaughter and share among themselves,” she recalled the ordeal.
Shinyalu Sub County Police Commander Daniel Mukumbu said he was aware of the incident currently under investigation.
“We have received the report. The affected families have recorded statements and we are following up on the matter. I want to assure residents that their safety is guaranteed because we are here to serve and protect them,” stated the police commander.

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