Media executive in the dock for threatening to kill cheating lover

By - Apr 21st 2023

A senior media executive has found herself on the wrong side of the law for jealousy over her boyfriend’s extra-conjugal affairs.

Farida Idris Mohamed, a director in the commercial department at Capital FM could not stomach her man, Hussein Aila Amaro, having a fling with another woman and in a moment of rage threatened to kill the man and his mpango wa kando identified as Swarna so that they could go “have sex in hell”.

What started as a simple disagreement between the lovebirds ended in disgrace for Ms Mohamed who faced the shame of being dragged to the dock to face seven counts of threatening to kill Amaro and his side chick Swarna.

It will be a moment to behold when the hearing starts and Amaro, who has been listed as the first witness, stands in the witness box to tell the court what he went through after receiving the threatening messages from the woman he was once in love with. In one count, Ms Mohamed is alleged to have sent a text message to Amaro warning him that she will kill both of them.

“I will kill you and if I get that Swarna you have been fucking while you were with me and still fucking every day, she will know who I am then the two of you can continue fucking in hell,” read the charge sheet.

Another charge stated that Ms Mohamed threatened to kill Amaro through another text message stating that, “Now tell me what the fuck you will do to me and you see I will finish you and bloody Swarna combined”.

In another count, the charge stated that Ms Mohamed threatened to kill the man with her bare hands and drag his body on hot tarmac until nobody could recognise his rotten body then proceed to bury him before he goes to hell.

Ms Mohamed is alleged to have committed the offences in a span of two days between June 14 and June 15, 2019 and efforts to reconcile the estranged lovers failed, leading to her being charged.

Her lawyer Peter Wanyama pleaded with the court to release her on bail after she denied the seven counts, stating that the offences were not serious to warrant her detention.

Nairobi chief magistrate Lucas Onyina released her on a cash bail of Sh100,000 and ordered that she be supplied with the prosecution evidence to prepare her defence.


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