Stay away from school girls, focus on your wives

By - Jan 1st 1970

An administrator in Homa Bay County has challenged men who cannot control their sexual desire to buy their wives school uniforms as a way of fighting the defilement of school girls.

The Deputy County Commissioner in charge of Suba Sub-county Sebastian Okiring believes the move can help reduce the high cases of defilement in the area.

Okiring has expressed concerns over an occurrence in which 23 girls were found to be pregnant at a village in the sub-county.

Addressing residents at Kisaku Primary School when he accompanied Suba South MP Caroli Omondi in the distribution of bursary cheques, Okiring admonished men who have sexual intercourse with school girls in the area.

Okiring argued that such rogue men are attracted by pupils who put on uniforms. He argued that such men’s sexual desire is motivated by school uniforms.

“I went to a village in this sub-county some time back and discovered that 23 girls were pregnant. This tells us the level of moral decay in which men infringe on the sexual rights of girls,” Okiring said.

The administrator challenged the “hot” men to buy their wives school uniforms. His argument is that buying the wives uniforms will make the wives more attractive.

“I know there are men who are hot. This makes them get attracted to school girls for sex. It seems the girls’ school uniforms are what fascinates them.  I urge them to buy their wives school uniforms to make them more attractive,” Okiring said.

The Commissioner warned men against defiling school girls in the area. He told residents to understand that defilement destroys the future lives of the girls through the spread of sexually transmitted infections, premature pregnancies or both vices.

“Anybody who defiles a girl destroys her future life. We will not spare men found defiling girls in this county,” Okiring said.

Omondi urged residents to support the education of children in the area.

Opportunity for education

“We have begun distributing bursaries today and our sole objective is to give children the opportunity to acquire education. Let us always give our children a conducive atmosphere to enable them to learn,” Omondi said.

Omondi said his objective is to support children’s education to enable them to become people who can contribute significantly to the economy in future.

“We cannot have a productive constituency in future if we don’t support the education of our children today,” he said. Some residents of Suba South expressed concerns that defilement and child labour are going to destroy the future of many children in the area.

Evance Oloo, a resident, expressed concerns that some people in the Gwassi Central location had turned houses in a homestead whose owners died a few years ago into a lodging.

He said the houses are used for defiling girls in the area.

“We have been following cases of a group of girls who were defiled in those houses. Some of them ended up dropping out of school after the ordeal,” Oloo said.

He also expressed concerns over child labour which is interfering with boy child’s education in the area.

Oloo said there is a sand mining site in Gwassi South Location where boys provide labour and end up dropping out of schools.

“I appeal to parents and security agencies to protect children from activities which interfere with their education,” Oloo added.

Defilement is still a serious challenge affecting many parts of Homa Bay.

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