Homa Bay Women Rep wants educators to improve dress code to prevent sexual assault


Homa Bay Woman Rep Joyce Osogo alias Bensouda now says schools must handle the dress code carefully to prevent defilement cases.

Osogo argues that the dress code in primary and secondary schools must be addressed to address defilement and teen pregnancy cases in the county.

Osogo spoke during a meeting organised by the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)- Kenya Chapter in a Homa Bay hotel.

Osogo challenged teachers to ensure they dress in a manner that does not put school girls into sexual temptations. She argued that dress code is key in a learning environment.

“I urge male teachers to dress well in a manner that does not attract our girls into sexual relationships. A similar message goes to female teachers so that they don’t put our boys into such temptations,” said Osogo.

 “I urge parents to ensure their children dress well in and outside school. Both girls and boys should act non-suggestively,” Osogo said.

She challenged every stakeholder in Homa Bay to put concerted efforts into the fight against defilement. Her call went to the county's law enforcement agencies and other child rights defenders.

“Let all stakeholders join hands in the fight against people who defile our girls. Anybody who defiles a child should not be tolerated,” she added.

Osogo presided over the launch of a campaign called Care About Her.

The campaign involves engaging men and boys in sensitisation to enable them to participate in protecting the sexual rights of girls.

FAWE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Teresa Otieno said they decided to engage men and boys in the campaign to bridge the gap in the previous initiative for fighting defilement and teen pregnancies.