Homa Bay family fears missing son was Shakahola victim

By - Jan 1st 1970

A 70-year-old man in Homa Bay county is pleading with Kenyans to help him find his 31-year-old son after getting news of Shakahola deaths.

Alfred Konge Bore has been looking for his son David Odhach Konge who went missing in February 2019.

For the last four years, Bore and his family have been hopeful that one day they will find their son. Since the revelation of the Shakahola deaths, Bore has become more worried.

Bore, who is a resident of Ngere village in West Kanyada location in Homa Bay, said Konge has never been seen by his family since he left home in February 2019.

Konge left home for an excursion in Rodi Kopany town but the 27-year-old did not return home.

His family expected him back home but none of them has seen him to date.

What aggravates the matter is that he did not have a mobile phone that could enable his family to find him easily. His father thought his son would be back as he used to before. But he realised his departure was abnormal.

 “We waited for him to come back home but he has not done so,” Bore said.

Reported missing

After one year, Bore went to Rodi Police Station and recorded a statement with the police. “I recorded a statement with police to help me look for my son,” said Bore. Since that time, he has been walking around villages to look for his son.

He was seen sighted in 2020 at Kipasi trading centre in the neighbouring Mbita Sub-county.

Bore went to Kipasi but did not see him. “Someone told me that my son was seen walking at Kipasi trading centre but I am not sure because I did not see him.”

In 2021, Konge was seen for the second time in Oyugis town, Rachuonyo South Sub-county.

His father went there but did not find him. “One of my village mates saw him at a bus station in Oyugis town and informed me on the hone. I went to Oyugis many times but did not find him.” Bore said his family is disturbed by not knowing where his son is.  He says his son loved doing manual work and suspects someone might have taken him for manual labour.

“My son loved manual duties. I have heard of deaths which occurred in Shakahola which are really scary. Such information makes us more worried,” Bore said.

He appealled to anybody with information on the whereabouts of his son to inform him.

“I appeal to my fellow Kenyans to help me find my son. May anybody who sees him anywhere liaise with me or report to any police station,” Bore said. [James Omoro]

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