Kakamega gangs raid homes, eat food and torch houses

By - Jan 1st 1970

Kakamega county is experiencing the emergence of people stealing food in the kitchen at night and slaughtering cows that they share among themselves.

Seven families in Shinyalu constituency are stranded in the cold after a group of 100 people stormed their homes, torched 11 houses, cooked and ate food that was being prepared before attempting to kill cows.

The attack is said to have been carried out after the seven families allegedly trespassed on the Shavirotsi Primary Complex School, something that irked a section of the community and turned against the families.

According to the affected families, the land where the school sits belongs to their forefathers who donated it for the construction of the school some 51 years ago and in January, the Kakamega High Court ruled that they were the rightful owner of the land.

According to Dorothy Anga’ana, they were attacked at around 8 pm and the group largely of the youths stormed the homes, torched their house, and took the food they were cooking and ate before leaving with the rest.

“We were cooking the food before the attack happened, a group of more than 100 people, mainly youths, stormed the kitchens where I was cooking, took the food that was ready, and ate it on the spot before leaving with more food that was being cooked,” said Ang’ana.

The mother of 10 says after taking the food, the group went ahead and tried to kill some of her three cows to slaughter and share among them but the attempt failed and instead, they beat up some of the cows which died a day after.

“They went and attacked my cows, their intention was to kill, slaughter them and share among themselves but some of the cows were fiercer, something that complicated their move forcing them to beat the cows and leave them with serious injuries. One of the cows died a day later,” Ang’ana said.

She says the group went ahead and slashed all the crops on the farm before police intervened.

“I do not have crops on my farm, they destroyed my maize, bananas, beans, and some uprooted vegetables and went with it,” she said.

Familiar assailants

Another victim, Phoebe Khayanje, says she was attacked by people she knew very well who stole her property, ate food that was ready, and destroyed the one that was not prepared.

“They came in the name of wanting to take part of the school land which is ours but shockingly youths started taking anything. They ate the food I had already cooked for supper and ate it all before destroying food that was uncooked,” Khayanje said.

She added that four cows were stolen but the attempt to slaughter them at her home flopped.

“I have lost my cows, they tried to slaughter them but they were in a hurry and decided to go with the cows to an unknown place to slaughter and share among themselves,” she added.

Elsewhere in Navakholo constituency, residents are now living in fear especially at night after a group of youths who raided their homes also stole food.

Agnes Khatsika says the youths only target the kitchen and steal food that is ready for consumption. “A group of youths came and raided my kitchen where they took food that we were preparing to eat and ate it before carrying away uncooked cassava, potatoes, and maize flour,” said Khatsika.

She adds that the youths only take food and nothing else.

“They don’t beat you or do anything bad, what they just do is steal food and when they are contented they carry the remaining food, some even smoke bhang before eating the food and stealing and yet they are just young youths who are unemployed,” she added.

Shinyalu OCPD Daniel Mukumbu said he has received seven complaints of families that are claiming to be attacked and their properties stolen and they have commenced the investigations.

“We have received the report. The affected families have recorded statements and we are following up on the matter. I want to assure residents that their safety is guaranteed because we are here to serve and protect them.”

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