Sonko calls out fake accounts impersonating him to con Kenyans

By - Jan 1st 1970

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has cautioned Kenyans to be wary of scammers posing to offer jobs using fake accounts under his name. In a video recording shared on his social media, Sonko said that he had received information claiming that impersonators disguising themselves as him on social media were offering ‘fake’ giveaways to unsuspecting victims before fleecing their money. The flamboyant politician maintains he only operates modest social media accounts with millions of followers on all platforms combined where he interacts with his followers and doesn't solicit for funds from either of them. He claimed that lately he's been dealing with a slew of fake accounts swindling unsuspecting victims. “Please be on the lookout. I have received a public outcry that people have created fake accounts impersonating me on TikTok, Instagram and even Facebook asking people that if they pay for transfer fees they will be able to access loans to buy motorbikes, business start-ups, meet with me and many other fake promises. Someone purporting to be me on social media is promising people jobs. I help in small ways since I'm not earning from politics but be on high alert about people asking for money,” Sonko said. "I'm the Sonko of all Sonkos in the World. Look at me. I don't ask for anybody's money," he added as he flaunted his jewellery while in his office. He advised that the accounts were fake with some already registering tens of thousands of unknowing followers who fall prey to the otherwise lucrative offers. Victims were persuaded to send money in exchange for bigger returns. "Please don't be lured by the fake images posted on those pages. I have no foundation that operates on social media. Chanukeni hao ni matapeli, especially people in rural settings, don't fall for it," he cautioned.

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