Carcasses litter deserted manyattas as drought hits acute level

By - Jan 1st 1970

The livelihoods of pastoralist communities in Kajiado are worsening as drought continues to bite.

The Maasai pastoralists are now trekking with their animals crisscrossing the plains of Kajiado County with the few animals that have survived the drought.

“We have not had rain for the last three years,” said one of the herders with his family in tow. Not a trace of green vegetation could be seen along the plains of this vast county.

The herder said they had to relocate from their temporary settlement area in Kajiado South after most of their livestock succumbed to the drought.

Most of the manyattas in this part of Kajiado have been deserted. Only a few of them are still occupied by the aged, expectant mothers and small children who had to be left behind since they cannot walk for long.

“People have gone to Sergei. They went to look for pastures and water,” said one of the expectant mothers. 

Drought has devastated most parts of Kenya with nomadic communities being among the most affected. Their animals have been wiped out leaving them without food to eat as they rely on livestock and livestock products.

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