Village shocked as cow delivers calf without legs

By - Jan 1st 1970

Residents of Kalenda village, Malava Constituency in Kakamega County woke up to a rude shock after one of the resident’s cows gave birth to a calf without legs and one nose.

The cow gave birth without any complications but many were surprised to see a healthy calf without four legs and one nose.

James Mulambula, the owner of the cow said he was shocked as all seemed normal throughout the gestation period.

“The cow gave birth normally, there were no complications but we got surprised after seeing the calf,” said Mulambula.

However, Mulambula said he was happy the cow was still in good condition adding that this is the first time he witnessed such an occurrence as the pat two deliveries were nothing closer to this.

“The first pregnancy and delivery never had any abnormalities. We do hope it is fertilisation problems and not bad omen or anything to do with witchcraft,” said Mulambula.

“I am happy that despite the complications I will still milk my cow and use milk since the cow is healthy and alive.”

His sentiments were echoed by his wife Mary James who said he has never witnessed such rare cases adding that the first two pregnancies were without any complications and were successful.

“This is the third calf so we just hope it is an issue to do with genetics,” said Mary.

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