How Bondo's thrilling nightlife experience awakened Siaya

By - Jan 1st 1970

Bondo town was once a sleepy town that only made headlines for political reasons. By 8 pm, the town was dead quiet, and it was easy to describe it as the epitome of boredom.

A walk around town now, however, reveals a perplexing experience that has brought fun, a vibrant nightlife, drama, and the dirt that comes with a rapidly growing provocative nightlife.

Some locals and older generations see the bustling nightlife, which includes booze, relationship drama, and sex, as a disruptive development that has robbed the town of its roots.

Bondo, on the other hand, has become the capital of fun and the ideal weekend getaway for the younger generation.

It is common to see groups of young people flocking to Bondo to enjoy the silky allure of booze, party, and women. Several small houses have been converted into lodgings, and several nightclubs have also sprouted up.

Vibrant nightlife

The presence of institutions of higher learning such as Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology, Bondo Technical Training Institute, and Kenya Medical Training Institute, according to several locals interviewed by The Nairobian, has boosted the town’s vibrant nightlife.

Bondo town’s rhythm quickens after dark when nocturnal wanderers emerge to colour the night scene. Most nightclubs open around 6 pm every day, with plenty of drinks and snacks to go around.

On weekends, the glitz and glamour of the town’s nightlife are best experienced, from open-air terraces to DJs spinning beats that send you into a trance.

Investors are no longer stingy when it comes to providing their clubs with a charming atmosphere, magnificent and friendly lighting, good music, attractive model waitresses, big screens, and guaranteed friendly security.

Club Panas on the outskirts of Bondo town. Photo[Isaiah Gwengi]

“It all comes down to making the best use of the available space. It’s all about doing the right thing for the people,” says Club Panas owner Peter Nyamanga.

Club Panas, located on the Bondo-Bar-Kowino road, has cosy leather seats and disco lights that display the words ‘Club Panas.’

The club, which has only been open for three years, has nyama and kuku choma sections, a large dancing floor, and comfortable seats. “We have free WiFi for our customers, good security, and a dedicated staff, which sets us apart from other clubs in town,” says Nyamanga.

While other clubs only offer music, food, and drinks, Club Panas also offers self-contained rooms at reasonable prices.

Lodges and guesthouses are important parts of the town’s nightlife, with most charging between Sh500 and Sh2,000.

Access and safety

The Nilotic Club, located on the busy Bondo-Usenge highway, serves good food, a variety of music, and reasonably priced alcohol. It is also easily accessible and safe.

The Nilotic Club has become a popular destination for those looking to unwind while listening to cool rhumba and live Benga music performances.

With a seating capacity of 600, the venue is large enough for patrons to shake a leg, especially when the bottle starts to kick in.

Aluoch Jamaranda, best known for his work with the late Okatch Biggy, is the leader of the resident band, which includes Onuko Bim and Alex Jawaora. The band performs five days a week in front of a packed house of devoted fans.

The club is distinguished by its elegant interiors and two service counters.

The state-of-the-art screens strategically placed throughout the venue display various programmes ranging from live video music churned out by the resident deejay to Rumba, Lingala, and Luo hits.

Another point of interest is the large stage, which features a unique set of musical equipment used by the resident band, which guarantees revellers maximum and distinctively unique entertainment throughout the night.

Every Wednesday, the club plays Benga and Luo rhumba music, and every Thursday, the club celebrates the African spirit with a show called Afro Thursday. The Ramogi Sato is performed by the Nilotic band on Saturdays.

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