Brand new Jinx lands in Emba

By - Jan 1st 1970

The Embakasi route is one of those routes in Nairobi that have so many mathrees.

Here, they like to keep things on the down-low unlike other areas. Mathrees here maintain a conservative look and adhere to all the industry regulations.

But now, the script is changing. The latest nganya dubbed 'Jinx' done by Lithiumized Creative studio has redefined things.
This is the only mathree on the route with a glass floor, 75-inch main screen and six 40-inch smart TVs strategically mounted for all the passengers to be entertained.

The Nganya under Royal Swift is also branded Pesas kwa Kikapu and boasts of four hater screens and three 32-inch screens inside; the sound was done by Audio play.

“For a long time, the route’s residents preferred simple mathrees, but the demand for sexier nganyas is now on the rise,” a fan noted.
“Many people like this brand new Jinx,” he added. "Its interior is beautifully designed and clients enjoy spacious seats and good music."

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