I started my business as a volunteer

By - Jul 27th 2023

Silvanus Oluoch alias MC Sura Mbaya is the Founder and Director of Momo Premier Fun World and an Event. He talks to Silas Nyamweya about the highs and lows of his event planning business. 

Tell us about Momo Premier Fun World and how did you start it?
Momo Premier Fun World is an event company where we specialize in the planning and execution of retreats, team-building activities, Kids’ fun activities, family fun fairs, schools/institutions fun days, weddings, and event decorations, among others. I started this company eight years ago to change youth livelihoods and help create job employment opportunities in Mathare Slums. I initially started as an event MC but later ventured into the event planning and management journey.
How can you describe your business?
This business requires a lot of time, creativity, and passion. It consumes a lot of my time in planning and execution since I have to impress the client and give them the best memories of their events.
Who are your clients, and on average, how much do you make monthly?
Most of my clients are schools and cooperate institutions where I plan and organize fun days and retreats/team-building activities monthly. My monthly income may not be constant because I organize several events & activities a month. Some months the numbers rise, and some decrease, but I can only earn enough to pay my employees and myself.
What inspired you to venture into this type of career?
I was initially unemployed, and most of my friends could call me to events to lend them a hand in organizing and being an MC. From that consistency, I mastered event planning and discovered I had a passion for the same.
Which main challenges do you go through?
Since Covid-19, events were unheard of. Then there was a decrease in the number of event attendees. Therefore, the industry has limited opportunities. The scarcity of opportunities has been the main challenge, but we are slowly catching up from where we were before covid dominated.
What makes your business unique compared to others?
The competition is so high in this field, but our experience in events planning and management services has always been the main outstanding factor we have.
Some of your achievements out of this business?
Meeting one of my main objectives of employing youths has stood out as my main achievement. I have Employed 20 Youths who are under payroll every month. I have also won 4 awards from both private cooperate institutions and schools. Lastly, the fact that I can pay my bills is an achievement I cannot ignore.
How do you get clients?
Mostly, I get clients through referrals, social media platforms, and physical approaches to institutions and entities.
Your favourite biz mantra?
You will never realize your potential and capabilities until you come out of your comfort zone.

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