Over 1200 girls benefit from free sanitary pads

By - Jan 1st 1970

At least 1,200 school girls from 12 Schools in the Wamba area of Samburu East Constituency have received reusable sanitary pads from a local nongovernmental organization.

The sanitary pads are to serve them for the next five years and create awareness on reproductive health to mark World Menstrual Health Hygiene Day.

Addressing school girls during the event held at Wamba Girls’ Secondary School, the Executive Director, The Samburu Project, Linda Hooper, noted that it was disheartening to have girls miss classes whenever they have menses.

"When girls miss classes, it leads to poor academic performance, but this initiative will ensure that girls stay in school throughout the term," Hooper said.

She said The Samburu Project had Partnered with Padmad Kenya, a company producing reusable Sanitary pads, to supply Menstrual hygiene kits that include reusable pads, soap, and underwear to school girls in Samburu County.

Hooper also said the sanitary kits would ensure that school girls do not fall prey to men.

"These sanitary kits will save girls from exploitation from bodaboda riders who pretend to be helpful as they buy pads for the girls, only to take advantage to have sex with them, in some cases leading to pregnancy," she warned.

She also cautioned the girls against irresponsible dumping of used sanitary towels, calling for proper disposal in order to take good care of the environment.

Damaris Lekiluai, a parent and activist in Samburu County, lauded the move by the Samburu Project, noting that it will go a long way towards ending period shame for school girls.

"Girls will now be more confident as they attend classes and mingle with others even when menstruating," she said.

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