44 percent of Mandera men are virgins, survey shows

By - Jan 1st 1970

The latest 2022 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey has brought to light the top 10 counties in Kenya where men and women aged 21–49 have never experienced sexual encounters.

The findings shed light on the unexpected realities prevailing in these counties, where a significant proportion of young adults abstain from sexual activity.

The counties identified as defying expectations in terms of sexual inexperience among women aged 21–49 are Wajir, Garissa, Vihiga, Mandera, Kwale, Isiolo, Kilifi, Busia, Nyandarua, and Kitui.

According to the report, the percentage of sexually inexperienced women in these counties ranges from 20.9 per cent to 32.2 per cent, highlighting a substantial portion of the young adult population choosing to abstain from sexual intercourse.

Among these counties, Mandera stands out with an astonishing 44.7 per cent of men who have never engaged in sexual intercourse.

The report further identifies Garissa (42.6 percent), Wajir (36.3 per cent), Tana River (31.1 per cent), Kakamega (31.0 per cent), Busia (29.5 per cent), Siaya (27.5 per cent), Lamu (24.9 per cent), Nyandarua (24.5 per cent), and Kwale (23.7 per cent) as the top 10 counties with the highest proportion of sexually inexperienced men.

The survey, whose findings were released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics on Monday also found that rural women age 25 to 49 marry earlier than their urban counterparts; median age at first marriage is 20.1 in rural areas and 22.4 years in urban areas.

The study also delves into the sexual activity patterns in various Kenyan counties over the past four weeks, revealing intriguing statistics.

Sexually active

Narok County emerges as the leader with the highest percentage of sexually active women, boasting an impressive 57.6 per cent.

Other counties joining the ranks are Embu (57.5 per cent), Murang’a (56.6 percent), Meru (55.7 percent), Tharaka Nithi (55.4 per cent), Kirinyaga (54.9 per cent), Kericho (54.4 per cent), Kiambu (52.6 per cent), Nandi (51.9 per cent), and Nakuru (51.5 per cent).

On the other hand, West Pokot takes the lead when it comes to men’s sexual activity in the past four weeks, with a significant 69.6 per cent engaging in sexual encounters.

Following closely are Narok (68.4 per cent), Tharaka Nithi (61.3 per cent), Kericho (59.4 per cent), Kirinyaga (58.6 per cent), Nandi (56.1 per cent), Migori (55.2 per cent), Kisumu (54.5 per cent), Nyamira (54.5 per cent), and Elgeyo Marakwet County (54.3 percent).

These findings provide valuable insights into the diverse sexual behaviours and preferences across different regions of Kenya.

The findings, released on Monday, have brought to light a concerning reality.

Shockingly, only 37 percent of the women surveyed reported using protection during their sexual encounters.

This revelation raises critical questions about the awareness and accessibility of safe sex practises among this group.

It emphasises the pressing need for comprehensive education and measures to promote responsible sexual behaviour, ensuring the well-being and reproductive health of individuals across Kenya.

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