TikToker Sueh Owino: I cook for my husband daily like a good Christian wife


If you haven't stumbled upon Sueh Owino's mouthwatering cooking videos on TikTok, then you might just be living under a digital rock. This vibrant Kenyan content creator has captured the attention of netizens everywhere with her intricate recipes, all captioned with the cheeky statement, "I cook for my husband every day." We spend the day with Sueh, a Gen-Z Christian wife, as she shares her culinary adventures and navigates her newfound social media fame. 

Nestled in Kikuyu, Sueh and her husband have created their own little haven. Some might joke that he's protecting her from the hordes of admirers who would love to steal her away. And it's no surprise why! Sueh's youthful face, petite frame, shy demeanor, and braces give away her youthful spirit. Though she won't spill the beans on her exact age for fear of more judgment, she did mention that she's in her early twenties.

"I've been married for less than three years now, and that's when I started cooking for my husband every day," Sueh shares with a smile.

"Submission is not slavery,” she asserts.

According to Sueh, it's all about respect and fulfilling her Christian duties as a wife.

“The Bible says a wife must submit to her husband, and in return, the husband must love his wife. It's a partnership where both sides hold up their end of the bargain. For me, that means cooking and ironing every day, just to name a few tasks. It's as simple as waking up and doing what I’m supposed to be doing – nothing more, nothing less.”

Today, we join Sueh as she prepares chicken Biryani. This masterpiece will be her husband's supper. People get shocked, not just by Sueh's daily cooking, but by the sheer dedication and creativity she puts into every meal. If you take a peek at her TikTok page, you'll see that she spares no expense when it comes to cooking. From international dishes like pasta and spaghetti to local delicacies like matumbo (tripe) and even traditional cow hooves, Sueh knows how to whip up a storm in the kitchen.

Sueh reveals that satisfying her husband's palate doesn't require a culinary extravaganza every day. In fact, his favourite meals are potatoes cooked in different ways – fries, wedges, garlic chips – you name it! Sueh loves trying new things. And guess what? She even confesses that she isn't a big fan of eating as much as people think. She cooks these dishes as a way to express her love for her husband.

Asked if this was a requirement from her husband before they tied the knot. "No. It's something I decided on after reading the Bible. My mom did the same thing."

I think men have their preferences, and if they want a wife with Christian values who can handle daily chores without fancy nails and makeup, we should let them. Personally, fake nails don't work for me. I need to be able to wash clothes and work on the farm. It's all about practicality and saving money. I mean, who has time to worry about eyebrows when you're busy planning the day's menu? Although I'll admit, I do get my nails and makeup done once in a while for special occasions.

Unexpected rise to fame on TikTok

She confesses she never saw it coming. What started as innocent videos showcasing her wifely duties turned into a nationwide conversation on gender roles. But Sueh is quick to address the criticism, saying, "Why are people offended? It's me who's cooking for my husband. You can do the same for your own spouse. Many women are already doing it; they just don't show it on social media."

A typical day for Sueh involves waking up and ironing her husband's clothes. Then she whips up a delightful breakfast chosen from the options they've decided for the week. After cleaning up, she heads to her duck farm (yes, you heard that right!). Lunch is a casual affair when she's home alone, but come evening, she dives right into preparing a delicious dinner for her husband. And in between all this, she still manages to create content for her growing fan base. Talk about a superwoman!

With her newfound fame, Sueh has also dived into exciting business opportunities. She now offers meal plans. She even sells her own line of cooking utensils. Her husband has been supportive, joining her in running their duck farm and selling different breeds of ducks.

We asked her if she intends to have children and if she'll still be cooking the same way.

"I can't say for sure until we have children, but I'll definitely try to. I hold traditional values close to my heart, and I still believe that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.”