DJ Nesh K: I surrendered my fare to avoid getting smeared with faeces


DJ Nesh K describes himself as an ambitious electric DJ who has developed a mature and responsible approach to the music industry as a turntablist.

True to his word, he has over seven years’ experience working as a corporate DJ, club DJ and also in media houses. He is known for his fullblown orgasmic musical experience, going by the way he throws down a party.

His first stint in Nairobi is not only shitty but epic at the same time, as he narrates. He first came to Nairobi as a student in 2015, when he claims he was accosted by a street kid.

“At the time, I was pretty young and tiny, so this street urchin probably took advantage of that,” he says.

He was on his way from attending his classes when this particular kid came calling ‘lunch’.

“This dude was big bana, he was asking for 20 bob which I was not in a position to give since I didn’t have extra cash on me. I only had enough money to get home.

“As a result, I refused.”

The man persisted, but Nesh refused to bend to his demands until things got out of hand. He had a large bag full of human faeces in his hands. If he didn’t give him money, he threatened to smear that on him.

“The fear that ran through my body was unimaginable and I could not picture myself with shit all over myself. I handed over the only 200 bob I had on me, and the guy walked away. I’ve never taken that route again since today.”

This was not their only encounter; five years later, they met again while on a charity drive, this time with the street kid all grown up, clean, and reformed.


The Standard
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