Elisha Elai: How I got scammed through online app

By - Nov 20th 2023

Not every new rapper manages to maintain their stature, create a fanatical fan base and earn their street credits easily. Although Kenya’s rap scene boasts of exuberant youngsters, Elisha Elai comes with some panache.

His delivery and style are different, and so is his choice of words. The fast-rising hip hop artiste, born and raised in Dandora, started his music career while still in school. He was inspired by Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, arguably the biggest name at that time.

“Ukoo Flani Mau Mau was from my hometown of Dandora. My stage name ‘Elai’ is a short form of the name Elisha. I was given the name by my friends at school. I decided to brand my stage name as Elisha Elai,” he says.

His breakthrough came in 2020 when he was declared Breakthrough Artiste of the Year at the Unkut Hennessy Hip Hop Awards. He later worked with Wakadinali in Avoid Those People, which featured other talented acts such as Boutross, Abbas, Breeder and Dyana Cods.

But Elai has also had his fair share of challenges. In January last year, he won some cash from an online rap competition called Odinare Challenge. He says he didn’t know how to invest the money and this stressed him.

“I had moved from my parents’ house but I had yet to start earning income from music. I needed money to survive and live independently. A close friend would introduce me to an online application which runs as an e-commerce,” he says.

His hunger for more money saw him invest in an app. “It was enticing. The app indicated that the more you invested, the more your money you make. I went ahead and put in all the 25,000 I had,” he says.

He adds: “I tried withdrawing the money days later but there was nothing. I had been scammed.”

Elisha Elai is preparing to release his debut album this month under title; “Man On A Mission”, a riveting hip-hop album that takes listeners on a thrilling sonic journey. 

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