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Is it really over between Akothee and Nelly Oaks?


Madam Boss, self -appointed president of single mothers, Esther Akoth porpularly known as Akothee has announced split from her boyfriend Nelly Oaks. In a post on her Instagram page she wrote,

"I have walked out of other relationships with different ups and downs, so this one shouldn't be a shock or a surprise ..." 

The mother of five however concealed the reason for their split but revealed that she was concentrating on her career as well as working on herself.

"I need time to concentrate on my new found happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career. I am not ready for any commitment, questions or answers to what transpired. I just didn’t want to hurt anyone. but sorry it is what it is."

Akothee's revelation happens few days after she launched her book titled: Akothee Quotes

Nelly Oaks' conspicuous absence raised brows among Netizens who wanted to know about his whereabouts. The two lovebirds became an item in 2018 but have had their ups and downs in their relationship.

They however settled their differences and reconciled. Two months ago Akothee revealed that she parted ways with Nelly Oaks. Since then, the two have not been serving couple goals on their social media pages. On her social media page, she wrote,

“Do you remember when I told you I am taken? Well till death do us part just parked and left! I'm single guys again. The road to relationship is always under construction."

Their love story has a history of breaking up and making up. With Akothee's latest revelation on social media, could this be another sad love song for Akothee and Nelly Oaks or is it just a publicity stunt?