Women don't need love for it to work

By - Jan 1st 1970

When it comes to relationships, women usually move with logic and not love. They are not superficial. They have very specific preferences and once those preferences are being met, they can easily put their feelings aside to make the most practical decision that works in their favour.

They are wired and they have been conditioned to choose a man that performs his duties well over one they love, and that is why relationships only work when a man is more in love with a woman than when she loves him more.

Women would rather be with a man who pays their school fees than be with a useless man who gives them butterflies in the stomach. After all, butterflies have never paid school fees for anyone. Women can live with a lot of things. They can live with a man who is horrible at sex if he provides for them fully. They can tolerate a cheater, if he is a good father and they can ignore height and looks if the man treats them how they have always dreamt of being treated in a relationship.

This is why old men who have lost all their charm and youth still have access to beautiful women because when it comes down to it, they can give the most important bits that are a necessity to women. Even after a marriage has become totally devoid of love, there aren’t many women who will leave to search for that thing outside there. They can easily pretend to love a man who provides for them than they can tolerate an unemployed man who doesn’t bring any income to the household.

As long as he is still doing his masculine roles properly, she will hold on and find a way to make it work and that doesn’t play out the same way when the roles are reversed. You could be the best mother in the world but a man will still leave you if he doesn’t love you enough. You could be the best cook, the best cleaner and he will still not choose you if he doesn’t like you. They have to love you for them to actually stay with you.

That is why women who carried pans in their bags to go cook for men during their campus years still cry about being used and dumped for girls who couldn’t do the same. It goes down to what they feel for you and not what you do for them. There are other alternatives and they don’t mind choosing them when they can be with a person they love and care about.

A man who is married to a cheating woman will not be asked to stay with her because she is a good mother and a good provider. A woman who is married to a cheating man will be asked to look the other way if he is a good provider and a good father. Your ego, your pain, your lack of love and self-worth is never considered a good enough reason for a woman to leave a man who is fulfilling his marital obligations.

Unlike women, men are very particular about the things they want and that is why you won’t ever hear them or see them performing roles they do not like so they can be found desirable enough for marriage. Men don’t fake orgasms like women do. They have never needed to. They have never needed to endure making love to a woman they hate like women do when it’s the other way around. Men always have the option of picking another woman while women have to compromise on some of their needs to get a man who can give them the things that are most practical to them.

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