We have stopped mentoring kids on life, career

By - Jun 8th 2023

Who is to blame for not mentoring our kids on their future career? My main question is whether it the situation in every third world country where the system does not support the student like the 1st world or is it a situation where we know there is no hope in the future but we have to pass the meat into the machine and continue making sausages? Was it a mistake that we decided degrees are the only certificates that can give jobs or do we go back to polytechnics where the student is likely to open their own business?

I will refer to Benjamin Zulu again here, he says we all know the future is not bright as there is no jobs guarantee and not everyone is able to take their children overseas. But the problem is most of the students are not busy sharpening their skills but are busy trying to live a life that is not there’s so as to fit in society. They will be busy on their social media instead of doing research on how to sharpen their skills.

No one tells them that it is not that easy out there, that it will need extra skills and personality and not just the degree certificate. They don’t bother using their free time to do courses that are related to the mail course they are taking. They will be there going to lecture halls just to fill the register and even fill it for their friends who miss classes. They celebrate when the lecturers don’t appear so that they can be free to upload their social media and on Fridays that gives them a chance to start an early weekend.

Usually, they are found in pubs around the university taking any drink they can come across and in a hurry as most of them are day scholars and need to be home before the parents arrive. The boarders will be lazy and only have three days in the week to do coursework. Some get the chance of being with their lovers and behave as a married couple, not knowing that real married situation is different, as one has to provide essentials and work hard.

Our system has made it so that a big percentage of university students are called to courses they don’t want and since most come from struggling families they just attend the university so as to get another life and experience that is better from where they come from.

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