Women struggle to submit because it is unnatural

By - Jun 7th 2023

Most women in this day and age cannot hack submission. That is because submission as a concept is not natural. It is taught to us and we are conditioned to train ourselves to be less than the man, and a lot of women who have gotten to the point of self-awareness, know they are as worthy as the man seated next to them.

From when you are a child, you are taught to be less assertive. You grow up watching your mother serving your father the way she was taught to, and she teaches you to do the same by the way she serves her husband.

She cooks and yet it’s the man of the house who will get served first. She cooks chicken and yet it’s the man of the house who will get the best parts. She makes more money and yet she has to hide it so as not to make the man of the house feel less of a man. In such a household, the male children grow up knowing they should be as assertive as their fathers and the daughters grow up knowing that men are authority figures they should learn to dull themselves for.

Later we ask ourselves why aren’t women running for more political seats and why they have poor negotiation skills as compared to men, and it is because from a young age they were taught that they were always supposed to submit to higher power. That is particularly why I do not believe that you submit naturally when you meet a good man. You submit naturally because you were indoctrinated since childhood to believe that a man must lead. You submit because when you look at the men you are dating you do not really see yourself as an equal.

And it’s true. Not because women were not created to be equal to men but because men always go for younger women. I have dated men in their 30s that had it all when I was just a student getting pocket money from my parents. If I had married any of them, they would have always had more money, a better career and it’s impossible to feel equal to a person who has the economic power to feed and house you as if you are a child.

Submission was created at a time when men were socially engineered to be superior. They could inherit land when women couldn’t, they could go to school, have careers, and women were often married off before they hit puberty. That is what makes it hard for the modern educated woman to submit. She marries a doctor just like herself. They contribute equally to the household because they both earn similar salaries.

In such situations it is a partnership and not a relationship between a master and a slave but most men are still stuck in the era of slavery. I see them calling themselves authority figures on social media and I chuckle because unless you have children or a successful business with employees under you, you will most likely never be an authority figure.

Churches are the place where most abuse is commonly hidden and yet it is the place that mostly teaches submission to women as if slavery hasn’t already been abolished. So to say when a woman is loved right she submits automatically is a lie. A woman who’s loved right is treated like an equal partner because submission is not a reflection of love or adoration. Submission is a reflection of a glaring power imbalance.

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