Dear society, little eyes are watching

By - May 24th 2023

We are not sure how long this madness of endless murders will last before the human race is wiped out completely. There is also no amount of blame game that can sanitize the fact that the toxicity is universal – women are as bad as men are. Both parties are hell-bent on outdoing each other with evil deeds and trying to triumphantly crown it by death. While people still insist on relationships, they have become open to killing at will to compensate for their time wasted, resources gobbled and emotions unreciprocated while they engage.

In a world where each gender is well-groomed and advised to deal with heartache and rejection, jealousy seems to sting harder than it has ever done before. It must be a very strong emotion rivaling love, hate, and death in no particular order.

It finds space even in relationships supposedly founded on modern liberalism like the recent case in Eldoret that seemed to entangle two men and a woman. We assume the possibility that the men consensually see each other and occasionally throw in the consenting woman to spice things up. With such extremes, Gen Z is expected to be falling in love with their minds and not hearts, yet they are setting a rare record in terms of crimes of passion.

There is a popular saying that goes ‘love wins’ that should instead be modified to say love kills. It seems that love has learned over time that failure is now a frequent occurrence that it must embrace.

It has adopted accordingly by changing shape and form, in the process learning to embrace failure without losing the original aim. Today’s love still wins by killing those that are deemed to cause it to fail. It is like being consumed by the swelling waters of a river when it starts to reclaim its path.

There has been the age-old claim of the Kabete widows theorized to be killing their husbands gradually by feeding them poison, ostensibly with the sole aim of gaining full independence to socialize freely and also control the estates.

Whether that is true or not is not for us to authenticate but as a brilliant race, we are rightfully guided by historical facts as we try to figure out the route ahead. These rampant killings could be a trend whose foundation was laid down in Kabete. There are enough cases of wives paying hitmen to end the lives of their partners. 

While some chose this option because of emotional betrayal others simply selfishly opt to catalyze the transition of their better halves in order to gain freedom.

There was a recent case of a foreign-based man who planted people to kill his wife and mother of children during her visit to Kenya. Tob Cohen’s case is still fresh in our minds even as it remains unclear how he walked into the dark septic tank without forceful aid. The DCI has enough investigations touching on lovers forcefully pushed through the windows of high-rise apartments. Others, pushed beyond their wits do not wait to be pushed down, they instead leave behind a note and take a willing dive from high balconies to the afterworld.

This generation deserves a special school of criminology to study the morphology of its emotional boundaries. Our relationships need fresh evaluation. The fresh assessment would determine if there is a need to continue pursuing relationships or not.

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