Men flocking to bars to escape insatiable partners

By - Jan 1st 1970

Men are learning how to take care of their soft sides lately courtesy of the new drive by leading male voices talking about their welfare more publicly. They are starting to accept that they are mortals that cannot run like machines around the clock to simply satisfy women and the universe.

They are now more accepting of failure and disappointment and are more alive to the fact that they are mere humans made of flesh and blood. They can shed tears when hurt or even moan in appropriate spaces.

With this kind of trend of openness, society is destined to become a better place where gender parity will truly exist. For years, women have been complaining of toxic masculinity because apparently, they have been too frustrated by the fact that they never get to see their men in a vulnerable form.

Maybe seeing men in their state of weakness would help fortify our strides as females in matching the man’s standards of resilience.

Of course, we are a fairly weird lot of humans working overtime to find or install femininity in a bag of masculine pieces that we are so attracted to. We crave rock-solid men who can lift us across a river when it floods. We are also turned on by formidable men who can tear apart the jaws of a lion to save us from destruction.

Yet, we want the same men to whine and sob when they face frustration at the workplace, because that in our opinion, is how to be a non-toxic male. Because men are opening up more to one another about their fears and stresses, society is starting to discover the amount of pressure men soak in to keep standing on their feet.

Escape plan

Apparently, men do not love football as much, but the sport and its timing afford them time away from us spouses to recalibrate. They are forced to occasionally sit and watch the Israeli soccer league while sipping Álvaro and keeping a close eye on the time to ensure they are home when we have slept.

Sexually, men have been on a steady decline in the recent past and it worries them as much as barrenness bothered women in the past, because of the liberation and exposure to various sex sources men admit, albeit in low tones, that the pressure to perform between the sheets has hit an all-time high.

The demands of women according to them are beyond their waning drive and each night they are spared action is a huge relief. To satisfy the spouses they need at least a three-day break or more to have their muscles regroup to inspire a steady stance in the arena when sparring.

But the daughters of Delilah have discovered an insatiable drive prompting their husbands to seek justifiable ways of staying away from home in clubs either watching football or simply absorbing their miseries as underperforming males.

It explains why a majority of patrons in the bars are married men with families and wives waiting at home. While men that are not married may be facing similar bodily surrender, they are under no pressure like those with live-in wives because they only call for engagement when they want.

You see a man is expected to turn around and deliver at the slightest provocation regardless of his moods. If a man cites exhaustion as the reason to lie on his stomach all night, he would be subjected to all manner of sneers and ridicule by his wife. A woman on the other hand can fake a headache anytime and get away with it whenever she is in the mood.

In order to stay relevant, our men are now starting to stay out longer so that when they get home we have slept, snored, and fallen off the romantic mood. It is only when their bodies and minds are revitalized enough that they show up in time to tend to their gardens.

The fact that our better halves would rather stay away from us than admit to us their vulnerability is a trend that portrays us as the toxic gender instead.

Maybe it is time to be more accepting and less critical of our men to understand their true positions in life and bring out the best in them. They may put on a brave face because society expects them to always be macho.

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