DNA testing or not, men must accept paternity

By - Jan 1st 1970

Who exactly are men loyal to? Is it to the children or to the mother of their children?

Come to think of it, the woman is absolutely certain that the children are hers because she carried them in her own body and delivered them. 

Very few family lineages carry distinct features that can physically be used as a quality control measure to qualify a child as belonging to the particular man.

There are patches of what are known as birthmarks that can run in a family but they are not as distinct as that of the donkey family and any random man might produce them in a child. In other words, there is literally no measure of proof of fatherhood other than the fact that the woman is that man’s wife. In a population full of alternative virile men surrounding the woman, it is comical how life has conditioned men to simply ride on assumed belief.

It explains why the new breed of man eager to put certainty to their progeny procure DNA verification each time mama watoto pops out an offspring. It’s only after a positive test that they can walk to Biashara street to buy clothes for the baby.

Society has trained men to believe that women are good creatures who cannot harm a fly. That deceit is what women have used over the ages to hoodwink men to consider them as weak, yet they run the show and spin planet earth at their own appointed speed.

So, once a child is born, the man is told the baby is his and he has no grounds to refute. He must be pleased and work harder to provide for the new bundle of joy.

If he doesn’t find any obvious mark that mirrors his family traits, it is because, logically, that child could resemble the other half of the family whose detailed features he can’t ascertain. 

That is the role of a man – to always accept the outcome of the journey of reproduction for as long as the woman is his lawfully wedded wife.

Relationship experts dish out all manner of arguments that men love and cherish an honest wife. But, all wives qualify as honest because society has trained men to imagine that they (the men) are the dishonest ones and must unquestioningly submit to their faithful partners. 

That said, it is imperative to note that the modern man is under siege trying to break free from the assumption and face the facts that they cannot guarantee their place as fathers.

Fatherhood is a gamble each man faces and they can only keep coming home to the wife each evening believing that they are loyal, honest and committed to only them. 

The only time a man will walk away from his family is when he suspects or proves infidelity from the mother of his children. While at face value it will be argued that the man has abandoned his responsibilities to his children, the reality is that the man is not sure anymore that those children, he has been feeding carry his blood.

That said, it is obvious that every time a man returns home with provisions for his family it is because he is loyal to his presumably faithful wife and not necessarily the children. The offspring are purely a beneficiary of that premium trust between the man and his wife. And for as long as that stability is not rocked, he fully trusts that he is the only male licensed to fertilise the wife.

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