Why politician wrote a play anout the intersex

By - Jan 1st 1970

He could be out of the legislative house but former Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala says that does not lock him out from influencing legislation through a means that is closer to his heart – theatre.

Speaking to The Nairobian, the controversial thespian-cum-politician said his play “God’s Creation” – highlighting the plight of the intersex – is pushing for laws to protect their unique interests.

Intersex are people born with biological variations in their sex characteristics that don’t fit the typical male or female categories.

“I am optimistic that we will do well in the regional and proceed to the nationals where the play will get a bigger audience and probably elicit constructive debate on the place of the intersex in society,” he said a few minutes before taking Butere Girls’ which adopted the play on stage at Kakamega High School during the western region drama festivals.                        

“The play has topped from sub-county to county level and I think its uniqueness and timeliness will make it hard to ignore.”

He said the play’s script was based on a true story of an intersex person who faced stigma.

 At least 4,500 cases in Kenya

According to the 2019 census report, there are at least 4,500 cases in Kenya with several others undocumented.

“God’s Creation is a piece of art about Mitchel, an intersex student, who is trying to find her identity and fit into today’s society. Is society ready to live with her? That’s what we want the public to discourse about to inform legislation that will guard this group’s special interests,” he said of the play directed by Benjamin Wandalo and Mrs. Carol Okumu. 

Malala is famed in the theatre world for his controversial play “Shackles of Doom” that he wrote for Butere Girls in 2013.

The play topped at the regional levels and will be presented in Mombasa during the national drama festivals next month.


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