Proposed County Finance Bill will introduce new fees, regular charges for city parking


If the new Bill proposed by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is passed by the County Assembly, motorists will have to pay more for parking in the city

The new plan aims to raise parking fees, introduce new categories, and increase fees for existing ones, potentially impacting motorists’ expenses if approved.

The Nairobi City County Finance Bill 2023, seeks to amend various county legislation relating to taxes, fees and charges for services and other revenue-raising measures by the county government.

The Bill introduces new categories of parking fees, such as private seasonal on-street parking, reserved parking for private use, and display of motor vehicles for sale on the road reserve.

The Bill also increases the parking fees for some existing categories, such as on-street parking in non-automated areas.

According to the proposed Bill, motorists who want to park their lorries, buses, trailers, tuk-tuks, or motorbikes on the streets will have to pay a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual fee depending on the size and type of their vehicle.

For instance, a lorry above five tonnes will have to pay Sh25,000 per month or Sh225,000 per year for private seasonal on-street parking.

A tuk-tuk will have to pay Sh2,000 per month or Sh14,000 per year. A motorbike will have to pay Sh1,000 per month or Sh8,000 per year.

Motorists who want to reserve a parking slot for private use will have to pay Sh275,000 per year or Sh1,500 per day.

Motorists who want to display their vehicle for sale on the road reserve will have to pay Sh15,000 per square metre per year or Sh100 per square metre per day.

Zonal parking

The Bill also increases the parking fees for saloon cars and vans or pickups in Zone I (central business district or CBD) from Sh200 to Sh300 and Sh500 respectively.

The parking fees for lorries above five tonnes in Zone I will also increase from Sh1,000 to Sh3,000.

The proposed Bill introduces a new fee of Sh3,000 per month for non-digital taxis in both Zone I and Zone II (outside CBD).

However, the Bill reduces the parking fees for some categories of vehicles in Zone II. For example, saloon cars will pay Sh100 instead of Sh200. Lorries above five tonnes will pay Sh1,000 instead of Sh3,000.

According to City Hall, the Bill aims to generate more revenue for the county government and improve the management of parking services in the city.

The Bill, already gazetted, also seeks to encourage the use of public transport and reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the city.

The county administration urged the County Assembly to pass the bill and ensure its implementation.

“The Bill is in line with the vision of transforming Nairobi into a world-class city that provides quality services and infrastructure to its residents and visitors.

It is also in line with the national government’s agenda of enhancing revenue collection and accountability at the county level,” noted the Bill in part.