Man in court over Sh12,000 unpaid pub bill

By - Sep 14th 2023

A man who impersonated a police officer and failed to settle bills totalling over Sh12,000 at two different bars has been arraigned in court.

Samuel Mwangi Kung’u has been charged with obtaining credit of Sh6,490 through false pretences at Kogalo Bar. Additionally, he is accused of obtaining credit of Sh6,000 at Yunaitas Bar and Restaurant for drinks and meals on August 30, 2023.

Kungu’s troubles began when he entered Kogalo Bar and proceeded to consume drinks and food, all the while feigning an intention to pay via his mobile phone, fully aware that this was a deceitful scheme.

On this occasion, he was in the company of a Kenya Defence Forces officer.

When it came time to settle the bills, Kung’u caused a disturbance and even engaged in a physical altercation with his companion. They were subsequently escorted to the Shauri Moyo police station, where Kung’u purportedly claimed to be an officer but failed to provide any evidence to support his assertion.

Kung’u pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

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