How Sh18m weed was transported from Uganda to Busia in a hearse

By - Sep 4th 2023

Police officers in Busia county have said drug traffickers are now using motorbikes to move drugs from the neighbouring country of Uganda.

Last week on Monday, the security forces in Busia town confiscated 617kg of bhang valued at 18 million in sealed sacks.

The drugs were discovered within a hearse van, and the vehicle's driver is currently being held at the Busia police station for further investigation.

Maxwell Nyaema, the Busia County Police Commander, said the illicit drugs were brought across the porous border using motorcycles and probox vehicles that were already stationed near the hearse.

According to Nyaema, the hearse was intercepted at a checkpoint along the Busia-Kisumu highway near Sio River. During the inspection, law enforcement officers uncovered the concealed sacks containing the illegal substance.

The 617 kilogramms of bhang worth 18 Million in sealed sacks seized from a hearse. [Benard Lusigi]

“The seized substance originated from Uganda and was destined for Nairobi. We are grappling with the challenges posed by the porous nature of the border. Our plan is to enhance surveillance at our borders and foster collaborative efforts at the border points,” said Nyaema.

“We are currently conducting an investigation to ascertain the identity of the drug’s owner and pinpoint the exact location of its origin.”

He further noted that the hearse had previously transported a body from Nairobi to Mumias before being engaged by a relative of the deceased to transport the bhang from Busia to Nairobi.

The driver said he was unaware of the contents of the sacks and had solely been contracted to deliver them.

“The driver told the officers he had been hired to transport a specific consignment from Busia town,” Nyaema added.

The police commander said the incident was part of a larger syndicate, wherein the owner of the drugs had arranged for the bhang to be transported from Uganda to Busia using motorcycles.

“We suspect that this was a meticulously planned operation involving multiple individuals,” he said. “Given the porous border situation, it’s evident that the drug was securely sealed and concealed within sacks, masquerading as regular luggage.”

Nyaema said the police are actively searching for the individual responsible for the bhang.

He issued a stern warning to drug traffickers, saying they would not escape punishment.

Two months ago, police in Nambale confiscated two boxes of bhang valued at Sh1 million from a lorry. 

The lorry was en route from Busia to Nairobi, leading the police to suspect that the contraband originated from Uganda and was intended for the Nairobi market.

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