I will be victorious when Evolve walks again, Babu Owino says after acquittal over DJ shooting


“Having evaluated the evidence available before me and applying the relevant tests, it is my finding that the prosecution has not proved their case beyond reasonable doubt. For the above-stated reason, the accused is found not guilty...”

Those were the words of Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi when he set free Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, who had been charged over the shooting of DJ Elvolve on January 17, 2020 at B-club, Kilimani.

DJ Evolve during a performance

The magistrate ruled that the prosecution did not adduce sufficient evidence to convict the MP.

“The prosecution failed to record even a statement of the victim, the ballistic evidence produced in court was scanty and the same could not be relied upon to find the MP guilty,” said Ochoi.

He said the prosecution side failed to produce medical reports from tests done on the MP with regard to samples and swaps that were taken at the scene on April 17, 2020 when the incident occurred.

“Even the ballistic expert admitted in his evidence that the bullet and the cartridge recovered at the scene did not match,” Ochoi added.

The MP’s defence team led by senior counsel James Orengo, Elijah Ongoya, Duncan Okatch and Ndegwa Njiru had pointed out during the trial that the prosecution didn’t have sufficient evidence to sustain the criminal charge.

Sigh of relief

Dressed in a black suit, white shirt and polka dot tie, Babu could finally sigh with relief after being acquitted of all charges.

He stood calmly at the Milimani courts while the judge read the ruling in the two counts he had been charged with - misusing his firearm and behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm. 

Initially, Babu had been charged with attempted murder but it was withdrawn in December 2021. 

After the ruling, Babu whose bright face told of his excitement, together with his team went into prayer mode giving thanks to the end of the long-awaited judgement.

“We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God and with that realization we give thanks.” murmured the prayer leader.

While addressing the press, Babu thanked all who stood by him during the trial including his family and deejay Evolve and pledged to continue with his support for him and his well-being.

“I want to assure DJ Evolve that I will walk by his side and always be there for him. In fact, plans are underway to take him to India for further treatment and whilst I pray that God grants him physical and spiritual strength, we hope that he walks again in the near future. I will be victorious when Evolve walks again,” Babu stated. 

Financial support

In his defence, the MP had told the court of financial support and utility provision he had extended to him to the tune of Sh58 million. 

Besides buying him a residential house, Babu has also provided him with a round-the-clock physiotherapist, two nurses and also foot his medical expenses. Babu has admitted that the incident has improved him as a leader and as a human being too.

“In Evolve, I see a shining star that leads me to cool waters. I swore to sobriety and as a matter of fact, it has caused a lot of impact when I talk to my young constituents who are going through drug and substance abuse. Evolve is a young man I love so much and through our friendship, nothing has ever happened between us, save for this isolated incident, which still has not broken our bond. I feel even closer to him than I did before and I will make sure, without worry of how much it will cost me, he will forever be well taken care of.”

Even after years of the untimely demise of Evolve’s mother, Babu has kept close ties with the family and has even extended his support to educate and finance his siblings. He is currently paying university fees for his brother and institution fees for his sister.

“It is not how much I invest in this family but the love, warmth and acceptance they have accorded me, social media naysayers notwithstanding is only comparable to a family bond.”

Whilst Evolve’s passion for music is incomparable as he often spends many hours playing records for his guests his love for sports is immeasurable.

“I have accepted all and to me, happiness and the joy of opening my eyes to see every new day remains my motivation,” DJ Evolve says.

“I can’t thank my family, friends and Kenyans of goodwill enough for their kind words and inspirational quotes. They are the reason I look forward to life.”

Besides plans by Babu to invest in a deejaying academy for him, DJ Evolve says that his vision to write an inspirational book and becoming a motivational speaker are underway.

“I just want to speak hope to the hopeless and life to those who feel like giving up. I sometimes would wake up in the middle of the night and think that I’m dead but those are the fears to overcome if we are to live a fulfilling life,” he says.