Landlord kicks out tenant for cooking pork

By - Jan 1st 1970

A man who recently relocated to Mombasa got the shock of his life after his landlord kicked him out for cooking pork.
Jackson, a mechanic, got kicked out of his rental house in Majengo. Whereas pork is forbidden for Muslims, he does not understand why his landlord, a non-Muslim, evicted him. 

The first time he made pork at home, the landlord’s wife visited him with a message from Mzee that they don’t allow the cooking of pork in the compound.
Not understanding why anyone would prohibit him from cooking a meal he loved he cooked pork again. This time, the landlord summoned him.

“Last time I warned you we don’t allow pork here. Here is your deposit and rent please find another place to rent,” he said.
He later learned that some houses are guarded by spirits and their owners want nothing to do with pork which is claimed to ward off spirits.

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