Banker visits Pastor Ezekiel's church to find a husband

By - Jan 1st 1970

A Dubai-based banker is among hundreds who thronged Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life Centre and Church on Saturday in search of powers to net husbands.

Josephine Mwatela is young, intelligent, beautiful, and with an infectious smile.

Josephine Mwatela

She hails from Taita Hills, the “yellow-yellow” type, but she has not been lucky to get a man to marry her.

At 33, Ms Mwatela said she has travelled the world and lived a lifestyle many would envy, and had lots of fun while at it.

With a lucrative career in banking at one of the banks in Dubai where she works as a senior administrator, Mwatela is perceived to have it all.  However, like in the B2K song ‘Girlfriend’, Mwatela’s narration reveals she has everything except a husband.

In her quest to find a star (nyota) and husband to marry her, she travelled from Dubai to Pastor Ezekiel’s New Prayer Centre and Church for prayers in Mavueni, Kilifi County.


She is among the women who came in their numbers, hoping to be prayed for to find marriage partners. According to her narration before the congregation on May 13, she told Pastor Ezekiel that she has dated several men but usually ends the relationship whenever the suitors propose.

“I believe after coming here I will be able to get my husband. I believe God can do it all. I have been dating different men but the problem is that when they propose, I always end the relationship. However, I realized that age is catching up with me and decided to come and seek my star to get a husband,” said Mwatela.

Mwatela said she recently got saved and quit her alcohol-binging habits after meeting and fellowshipping at Ezekiel’s church having followed him for a while abroad.

“I used to drink alcohol and hang out a lot, but since I got saved and started following Pastor Ezekiel’s sermons, I have changed and can go out to the mall and just drink soft beverages,” said Mwatela.

Pastor Ezekiel’s ministry continues to attract many women, young and old who are seeking life partners.

One of the women confessed that despite being beautiful and well-mannered, she has continued to attract men who only play with her feelings and dump her.

In his sermons, Pastor Ezekiel said that coming to the higher altar to seek a change in life for success comes with a high responsibility that requires patience.

“Serve the Lord first and the rest shall follow. Patience is very important. The higher altar is where we come to change our lives and it comes with high responsibility and challenges,” said Ezekiel.

Despite controversy rocking his ministry and being under investigation, Pastor Ezekiel has continued to receive followers from as far as Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Dubai, and Australia.

Many come to be prayed for to heal various afflictions such as HIV and Aids, diabetes, mental illness, physical disabilities, and epilepsy

Mothers equally come to pray and seek a star of success for their children; so that they can perform well in school and desist from drugs.

Others seek a star to help them succeed in their businesses that have slowed down and some pray to quit alcohol addiction.

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