Mother says she wants 'ungovernable' son to remain behind bars

By - Jan 1st 1970

A mother has refused to withdraw a case against her son saying the son was “chaotic to the core”.

Florence Amkune, 71, said her son Benson Amkune, 36, had made her home hell by his violent nature.

“You gave us time to consider an out-of-court settlement but that is not my wish at the moment. I prefer that the case goes the whole hog if possible with my son in custody,” she said.

“There was a time he threatened to kill me and I brought him to court then we opted to sort the matter at home but it backfired as he turned violent on me once we set foot at home. He even boasted that he was ungovernable.”

Amkune had been charged with causing a disturbance. According to the court documents it was reported that on March 1, 2022, at around 6 pm, he stormed his mother’s house armed with a machete and disrupted a meeting she was having with church members.

When the charges were earlier read to him Amkune requested to have the matter resolved out of court because it involved people who were closely related. 

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