Broken bottles: City thugs have learned tricks

By - Jan 1st 1970

Police have warned of a new wave of crime but said they are ready to fight it off.

In an interview with the Nairobian, the Central OCPD Raphael Kimilu warned of a group of youths walking in different parts of the city streets between 4 am and 6 am carrying broken bottles to scare their targets.

He said the youth then drop the bottles to scare people before robbing them.

“The first incident was reported in Majengo area of Nairobi on Saturday last week. They attacked someone on Tom Mboya street and robbed him of Sh6,000. He reported the incident and we are narrowing in on them,” said the OCPD.

The OCPD also disclosed that during the Christmas and New Year festivities, the central division and the CBD areas recorded nearly zero reports of crime.

He attributed this to a major police patrol in the city and its environs. Kimilu said that police patrols and the goodwill of the city residents made the festive season peaceful.

“The enforcement of closure of bars by 11 pm also helped in crime prevention,” said Kimilu.

The OCPD said that the patrols in the city were done by a combined force of security agencies drawn from the regular police, and administration police.

Non-uniformed officers drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) were also deployed.


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