How to easily make money from home?

By - Apr 2nd 2023

PATRICIA MWANGI is on a mission to empower women to make money from the comfort of their homes, writes SILAS NYAMWEYA

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your job. 

My name is Patricia Mwangi, and I work as a virtual assistant trainer, mentor, and coach. Alongside that, I am also a skilled virtual assistant who specializes in e-commerce tasks. My journey in this field began in 2018, following the collapse of my tour business.

What does being a virtual assistant trainer entail? 

My main focus is providing training to mothers on the fundamentals of being a virtual assistant. This includes educating them on what a virtual assistant is, the tasks they perform, the tools used in this field, and how to effectively use these tools.

Through this training, I equip them with the necessary skills to begin their journey as virtual assistants. The training program typically lasts for 2-3 weeks, followed by mentorship which continues for as long as they need it. During the mentorship phase, I offer guidance on where to find clients and how to apply for jobs, providing ongoing support to ensure their success.

When did you start this and what was your motivation?

I started training moms in 2021, with my primary motivation being the significant number of mothers (and fathers) who were laid off during the pandemic. I noticed that the demand for remote work had increased as many individuals preferred to work from home. As a result, I established a group, Virtual Moms on Upwork, to discuss my expertise and how I could assist other mothers in achieving the same. For these mothers, it was a double benefit because they were able to obtain quality employment while still being able to stay at home and observe their children grow and care for their families. Every mother desires to work and be present for their children, and remote work allowed them to achieve precisely

Describe how you conduct this training: 

The training is conducted online through Google Meet and Zoom. Then use Google Classroom to give notes and also the recorded class. That helps because working moms can access the training through the classroom on their own time.

Why only moms? 

As a mother myself, I empathize with other mothers who have to leave their children in someone else’s care for 8 hours while they go to work. This can be especially challenging for new mom

The opportunity to have a good job with fair compensation while still being able to spend time with your child is a dream come true. When mothers are supported in this way, they are able to take care of their children, educate them, and care for elderly parents, which ultimately benefits the entire community.

This is especially important for single mothers who are the sole providers for their families. Additionally, mothers have unique commitments that may make it difficult for them to fully focus, such as a sick child or fatigue. I work with other moms because we understand and accommodate each other’s needs. For example, a fellow mother would understand if I had to miss a class because my child had a fever, whereas someone who is not a mother might not grasp the gravity of the

How much do you charge and how much are you able to make in a good month? 

My fee ranges from 1500 to 3000, with the standard fee being 3000. However, I do understand that some mothers may be struggling to make ends meet, so I offer occasional discounts and charge 1500. Additionally, as a way of giving back to society, I sponsor approximately 5 individuals per class. Although I can earn up to 30,000 in a successful month from training, I don’t rely on this income as my primary source. Instead, my passion is to empower as many mothers as possible to succeed in online work. My primary income comes from providing virtual assistant services.

How do people benefit from these programs?

How many beneficiaries so far? They benefit by landing clients and finally starting to work online. So far, I have trained over 2000 moms (and some dads) and about 500 are now working successfully as virtual assistants.

Where are you located and How do you reach your clients? 

I live in Mtwapa. I reach my clients majorly through social media, especially Facebook.
Through my group called Kenyan Moms on Upwork, am able to reach many people and talk about our journey and our milestones. I also get a lot of referrals from former and current students.

Which opportunities do you see in the online marketplace and job environment? 

Firstly, the rise of remote work and the increasing use of technology has created a growing demand for virtual assistants who can provide administrative and other support services remotely. With the help of communication tools like video conferencing, email, and instant messaging, virtual assistants can work with clients from anywhere in the world.

Secondly, the rise of online marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr has created new opportunities for virtual assistants to find
work and build their portfolios. These platforms allow virtual assistants to connect with clients from all over the world and offer
their services in a competitive marketplace.

Overall, the online marketplace and job environment present numerous opportunities for virtual assistants to provide valuable services to businesses and individuals. As technology continues to evolve, the demand for virtual assistance is likely to grow, making it a promising career path.

What keeps you going? 

The moments that motivate me are when my students inform me via call or text that they have landed a job, after working relentlessly for months
to secure one. Witnessing someone bid for jobs for over 2 months without any success can be demoralizing, but receiving their testimony eventually keeps me going.

What about the challenges you go through? 

One of the major challenges I go through as a trainer and mentor is that Kenyans have not fully embraced working online,  and most people think
it’s either a scam or an easy job that you don’t have to give all your attention to.

They think it’s something you can do on the go and succeed. So when they join the classes, they are not serious, they
expect to put in little or no effort and gain a lot financially. They also expect when they pay for training that I will connect them with jobs. I have to keep on explaining to people that it is just like any other work, and your efforts will bear fruits

The other challenge is that there are people who are using online training as an avenue to corn people. So people find it hard to know the
legit trainers and the cons.

Your parting shot? 

Let’s embrace remote work, it’s the new norm, and it’s here to stay.

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