I missed radio interview due to traffic jam, Kenyan musician

By - Jun 20th 2023

Vicmass Luodollar gained fame with the release of his popular single, “Bank Otuch,” which quickly gained popularity on the streets. He further solidified his success with a collaboration featuring Octopizzo on the same song, serving as a stepping stone to his rise to stardom.

The song, loosely translated as “the bank is leaking,” conveys the message that he had become financially stable and was no longer broke. Vicmass, once a street kid, displayed a remarkable flow, swag, and undeniable talent.

Despite his polished appearance now, Vicmass faced hardships and experienced the unpredictable nature of life. At one point, he resorted to street hawking to provide for his siblings. However, he never lost hope and had an unwavering desire to record his music, even though he lacked the funds to access a professional studio. This motivated him to save money and audition for open-air concerts and club gigs.

In 2008, Vicmass began releasing his own projects, and one that took the masses by surprise was “Burning Train.” This marked a turning point in his career, garnering media attention and securing his first mainstream interview.

Recalling a memorable incident during a media tour for his project “Burning Train” in 2009, Vicmass remembers the challenges of traffic congestion in the city. Hailing from Kisumu but residing in Utawala at the time, he had a scheduled radio interview set to start at 2 PM. Unfamiliar with heavy traffic, he underestimated the time needed to reach the studio.

The show had generated significant anticipation, and fans were eagerly awaiting the presence of the “biggest” Luo artist.

As the presenter repeatedly called him, Vicmass could only respond with “I’m almost there” due to the unforeseen traffic situation. By the time he arrived at the studio, it was just a few minutes before 4 PM, leaving the frustrated presenter unwilling to grant him another interview until six years later.

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