No ladies, it's not our job to ask a man out

By - Jan 1st 1970

It's a dynamic world and things keep changing. What used to be a vibe no longer vibes. What made us tick stopped at that and the world, read women, became too ‘woke’ they no longer wait to be shot at. They are the shooters. Openly doing the hunting because? Si the dynamics of dating and finding a soul mate changed, and this is 2023? We don’t do things the traditional way anymore and maybe, just maybe, this is the reason heartbreaks are the order of the day. We are so used to short-term situationship that we even want to celebrate one-week relationship anniversaries! Women have decided to hunt. Sigh.

Growing up, we wouldn’t even be the first ones to greet boys. We would wait to be greeted. You know, there was the beauty of being noticed and greeted by a boy. I believe the male gender is genetically programmed to be initiators of relationships. It is masculine when Benjamin prowls around looking for the finest of the girls for himself. This whole awesome process has been around since the beginning of time. It’s history. It’s nature. It is, just the acceptable way of doing things. I am old school, you would say? Maybe, maybe not. But this whole thing sounds just like it - cool. To be wanted.

Taking the lead

Pray tell, whomst among y’all heterosexual women, wouldn’t want to be pursued? By a fine thank you person of the other gender? Who wouldn’t feel great when a man tells them that they find her attractive? In all honesty, ladies, I thought this is one of the feelings that make us feminine and gives us the adrenaline rush, especially if the feeling is mutual. Well. So when did we suddenly get this gut of ‘kufa dereva kufa makanga’  and decided we gonna trip and simp so badly? Come on!

I’m not a man, so I don’t know. But I know for certain that every guy wants a girl to chase after, and every girl wants a guy to want to track them down. True? Let’s check out the holy book, just a little. Sunday school lessons. God meant serious business when He made Adam first and then gave him Eve, as a helper. Kwanza from his rib! Please don’t remind us of Ruth and what she did to Boaz - a girl might have been high on something, because who even does that?

Let’s stick to Adam and Eve as the Genesis of all creation. So why have we all of a sudden taken it upon ourselves to change the structural makeup of a man’s mind, away from what God the Father documented? 

True, present-day dating is tricky, sort of. Tricky in the sense that a good number of men seem to have forgotten how to make genuine efforts when it comes to dating. Because? Women are making all the effort for them! They will just sit ndee, and wait to be pursued.

Much as it should be two-way, in my bush opinion, a relationship that starts off as a result of a woman doggedly chasing around after a man doesn’t tend to have a happy ending. Don’t quote me - there are happily ever after marriages that the woman was the hunter. I know of one or two. But, if it were me, I’d live with all the guilt of ‘maybe he didn’t really want me, I wanted him more.’ You know! 

There’s that feeling of being hit on. Being wanted. Being asked out, by a man. It’s all feminine and much as the feeling might not be really mutual, it tickles that little teen in a woman. Recharges the estrogen and progesterone and reminds us that yes, we’re still attractive. We are girls. Well, some men enjoy it when women shoot shots.

This woke world has made a girl so masculine that she now has the balls, (pun intended) and claws to hunt. To chase. To shoot shots even when she literally doesn’t have a gun! I’d really love to hear about how this whole thing is done, and where they get the energy. And idea. Like, how do they frame their words to be the first ones to express their feelings and undying love for a person of the other gender?

The way these men have some fragile ego out here? Halafu one day Benja wakes up and embarrasses you and screams how he wasn’t eti into you, he just did a yes because he didn’t want to hurt your effing feelings? 

Bana, y’all got jokes! Guts aside, let us let nature take its course tu. There’s no need to interfere with the ways of nature! He will come for you. Yours will find you. Chill your progesterone,  sweetie, and focus on being the woman. Let them hunt. Let him hope, wonder, and get butterflies. Let him text, delete, text again, delete - til he finds the very right words to pursue you. Be the boss Lady.

You are worth being tuned, as we, girls of yesteryears would say. You should be pursued - you are a woman, for Eve’s sake!

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