Submission is not guaranteed in today's marriages

By - Jan 1st 1970

Being a largely religious society, we expect women to submit to their husbands because God intended it that way. However, from a mathematical perspective, this expected biblical path would be defined as the course.

Even as the subject punished my brain cells in school, I internalised the concept out of repetition by my determined teachers that the course is the intended path excluding external factors. The track, on the other hand, is the actual trajectory an object follows taking into consideration external factors such as wind and declination. In short, the course is that that is intended while the track is what we actually do. Usually, there is a gulf between the two realities. That is why time again we experience heartbreaking failures while trying to implement the ideas of motivational speakers that otherwise appear so appetizing on paper.

It is therefore understandable that men experience less submission than the holy book prescribes for us. It is the nature of how the track deviates from the course and they should be able to adjust accordingly without whining and take into account the many external factors at play – high cost of living, increased gas prices, the allure of high-end life and more especially stiff competition from superior men. We also have to meet friends and have lunch at CJ’s and Artcaffe or at least occasionally update our location on Instagram as Java, Karen.

Men also have to acknowledge that submission is not an act of drama that can be stage-managed for the sake of the spectacle; it is either we feel it from deep inside our bellies and hearts or nothing. If our ovaries do not twerk voluntarily in your presence then the only other factor that might influence our submission is funds wired to our bank accounts or to the account of the school where our children study. There is a direct correlation linking money to submission that men and the church teachings would want to wish away.

You see, submission is a byproduct of respect. Naturally, respect flows upwards - women only respect superior forces. God, rich men and the gym instructor come in that order. All women just want to feel the protection of a man, which comes with provision and care.

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