Kakamega county school faces flood threat

Maungu Primary school battles severe flooding, calls for urgent aid to prevent disease outbreak. [Standard, File]

A school in Kakamega County is grappling with the threat of diseases following a flood outbreak.

Maungu Primary School, located in Matete Sub County, Chevawya Ward, has been severely affected by heavy rainfall, leading to poor water drainage and subsequent flooding within the school compound.

Shadrack Shikanga, the headteacher of the school, voiced his concerns over the situation.

 “We are having a significant problem. Some young pupils cannot cross over to the school because of the running water. We have large trenches. If the rains continue, the school may shut down,” said Shikanga.

Shikanga further revealed that county officials had visited the school two weeks ago and promised to take action, including improving the drainage system.

However, no steps have been taken so far. The school is now appealing to the government and well-wishers to step in and mitigate the situation before it worsens.

“We are seeking help before the situation worsens. We have tried to reach out to local leaders, but no one seems to respond to us,” added Shikanga.

Maungu Primary School is among many schools in the country that have been affected by floods.

He called for an urgent intervention to prevent further flooding owing to heavy downpours.