Atwoli: Fazul is biggest impediment to security guards welfare

KK security guards in a training session.  [File, Standard]

Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss Francis Atwoli has criticized Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) Director General Fazul Mohamed for his comments on the push for the rights and welfare of guards.

 During the launch of mass registration of private security officers and issuance of Guard Force Number at Uhuru Park in Nairobi on Saturday, Fazul accused Cotu of neglecting the guards’ plight despite being one of the highest contributors to the large trade union.

 “If they continue to play around, we will demand elections and elect one of the guards as the Cotu secretary general, replacing Atwoli,” Fazul warned.

 In response to the allegations, Atwoli defended Cotu’s efforts in advocating for the rights and welfare of private security workers in the country. He highlighted the establishment of the Kenya Guards and Allied Workers Union (KGAWU) in 1999, which later evolved into the Kenya National Private Security Workers Union (KNPSW) in 2007.

 Over time, Atwoli claimed that the PSRA, under Fazul’s leadership, has been a major obstacle to improving the rights and welfare of private security guards.

Cotu has received numerous complaints through its affiliate union, the Kenya National Private Security Workers Union. 

The Cotu secretary general expressed support for ongoing reforms but expressed concern that Fazul had taken control of the process in a sector that has long been unregulated.