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Eve Mungai: Some things are better left unsaid

 Eve Mungai [Instagram]

Social media influencer Eve Mungai has hinted at not addressing the ongoing drama between her and video director Trevor.

Dropping the cryptic message on her Instagram, the content creator explained that despite how pressing some matters are, they are better left unsaid.

“As bad as you wanna address it, some things are better left unsaid I'm learning,” read her message.

Eve and Trevor have been making headlines following their alleged split that saw Trevor rebrand their shared YouTube channel from Eve Mungai to Kenya Online Media.

Questioning his move and Eve’s position in the rebrand, Trevor revealed that he would no longer be working with Eve as her services would not be needed.

“Will you be working with Eve?” asked a fan.

“No! Her services are no longer needed on the following platforms. YouTube 754k subscribers, Insta Fame 104 subscribers, Facebook 874k followers,” he responded.

“So does it mean you are no longer working with Eve Mungai?” asked another and he answered, “Yes.”

Trevor’s move to rebrand the channel, however, goes against words he uttered during a previous interview promising to hand the channel over to Eve in case they ever fell out.

“This is a girl you know, I am the one who created that channel but it is hers. If one day we encounter any problem, I’d love for the channel to remain hers. I can start a channel today and without a doubt, it will do well. However, in this case, the brand is hers, the name is hers, it will therefore remain with her. All the information on the channel is hers, I only know the password, the rest don’t know including the revenue and all that,” he explained.

In an attempt to salvage their romantic and work relationship, Comedian Eric Omondi vowed to sit Eve and Trevor down and try his best to resolve their issue, ultimately bringing them back together.

Speaking during a recent interview with Trudy Kitui, the comedian stated that he intentionally supported Eve and Trevor at the beginning of their career to grow their platform.

“On the issue of Eve Mungai and Trevor, I feel I have the moral authority to comment. I supported Eve Mungai so much when she started. I wanted to support the growing online media and I decided to take Eve and I intentionally put in the energy so that I could grow Eve and they were with Trevor.

“Eve and Trevor, as Eric Omondi, I know them, they are my friends. I have grown them and we have grown together. I have seen them way back when Eve was still skinny and used to use that little lapel microphone until now that she has glowed up and Trevor has glowed up too,” he said.

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