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Milly WaJesus recounts weight loss struggle, near loss of vision

Milly expressed her deep concerns regarding her weight, highlighting the pivotal role it played in her health struggles.
By Fay Ngina May. 31, 2023
Regretful over her action, Pritty Vishy asked the fan for forgiveness and went ahead to send her Sh300.
By Diana Anyango May. 31, 2023
Despite fracturing his pelvic and suffering other injuries, Mr Seed managed to escort his friend to his final resting place.
By Diana Anyango May. 30, 2023
Some wonder if they are genuinely in love or if they are using their relationship to gain attention and maintain their musical relevance.
By Diana Anyango May. 30, 2023
Zuchu has made it clear that she will not abandon Diamond, even amidst his indiscretions with Fantana.
By Fay Ngina May. 29, 2023
In the screenshot, Flaqo can be seen dismissing Keranta's request for him to pay her Ksh 300 bill.
By Diana Anyango May. 29, 2023
He emphasized the importance of understanding the person they intend to enter a long-term relationship with to avoid future regrets.
By Diana Anyango May. 29, 2023
Frida confided in a therapist, discussing Paula's emotional struggles and the distress she experienced due to the intense public scrutiny.
By Fay Ngina May. 23, 2023
The unidentified man's outburst of joy and relief serves as a stark reminder of the harrowing conditions faced by many Kenyan migrant workers.
By Fay Ngina May. 23, 2023
Jaguar has shared his opinion on why most Kenyan artistes are struggling in music and financially.
By Diana Anyango May. 23, 2023
Akothee was left surprised after she was barred from using her own tea bag at a French restaurant.
By Diana Anyango May. 23, 2023
The show took viewers behind the scenes of their collaboration, exposing a scandalous affair that left fans and industry insiders astounded.
By Fay Ngina May. 23, 2023