Buxton, Starehe estate contractor leverages tech to speed up projects

Buxton Point estate. [Kelvin Karani, Standard]

The developer of the Sh6 billion Buxton Point project has embraced the use of technology in the construction of Phase 2 of the development.

GulfCap Real Estate has acquired tunnel formwork, a modern technology that will be used in both the Buxton Point project in Mombasa and the Sh20 billion Starehe Point project in Nairobi.

The developer borrowed the technology from partners in Turkey, India, and China to deliver mass affordable housing as per the government's affordable housing agenda.

“With a target of delivering over 7,000 units in less than three years, It’s no longer feasible to deliver those number of units using the traditional brick and mortar methodology hence the need to incorporate technology in our construction,” the GulfCap Real Estate Chief Executive Chris Ochieng said.

Tunnel formwork allows the contractor to cast walls and slabs in one operation in a daily cycle. This strategic move, Mr Ochieng said, promises to up efficiency and enhance the quality and safety standards of the projects.

He added the construction will incorporate a system formwork approach to ensure completion of the structures within a year and a maximum period of 18 months for new homeowners to occupy their homes.

“We recognise the immense potential of technology. The investment and utilisation of this technology in the construction of Buxton Point Phase 2 is a testament to GulfCap Real Estate's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the affordable housing sector," he said.

"We are on course to deliver Buxton Point Phase 2 by the fourth of 2025. The integration of the tunnel formwork system positions us to achieve unprecedented efficiency and quality standards in affordable housing construction." 

Phase 2, he said, will involve the construction of 16-storey towers that will provide clients with a sea view from their apartments and appreciate the beauty of Mombasa. The development will involve rooftop terraces and high-speed elevators to allow access to the high-tower buildings.

The second phase of the project was commissioned by President William Ruto in November last year, where he lauded GulfCap Real Estate for not only building houses, but a lifestyle in Mombasa.