Signs you need to talk

A stressed woman hiding her face with her hands. [Getty Images]

The first thing that comes to mind when someone suggests you need to see a therapist is usually interpreted as an insult or punishment. It is not difficult to come across those words being thrown around as a way of getting back at someone on social media after a disagreement.

And as a result, it carries some stigma. Most people completely write off the idea of seeking therapy because they assume it is meant for mentally unstable people or reserved for only extreme cases.

Data on the other hand shows that mental health issues are common and widespread but only around 40 per cent of people get help. Instead of shying away, admitting that you need help is an act of courage and not a sign of weakness.

Many people are ashamed of seeking help because of fear yet this is the best way they can get back on track. 

While it is normal to feel off on certain days, that should not persist for weeks. That could be a symptom of anxiety or depression.

Another sign you need to watch out for is feeling overwhelmed. This could be triggered by relationships, expectations, or your own emotions.

If you also find yourself unable to concentrate at work or school and there is a sharp decline in your productivity, it may be more than a burnout but rather a sign of emotional distress. 

You may find yourself sleeping more or unable to fall and stay asleep. Before you know it, you are having constant headaches due to exhaustion from staying up all night.

You can also start to stack up the kilos because you are eating too much. For others, they lose appetite altogether and it starts to show on their waistline.