Did you know chicken soup can help with a bad hangover?

Chicken soup is a great source of protein (Photo: Courtesy)

In the last 10 years, the population of ‘improved Kienyeji’ chickens have registered double digit organic growth every year, thanks to a fast-growing middle class and rapid urbanisation.

Consumption pattern is also changing from a vegetable to a protein-rich animal diet. Most popular sources of protein come from these ‘improved Kienyeji’ chickens like Kenbro, improved Kari breed, Kuroiler, Rainbow rooster and Sasso.

These chickens are reared in free range system and are popular as source of meat in most outlets in the cities and peri-urban dwellings. Let’s consume chicken and uplift our farmers this month. Here are some of the health benefits of eating chicken diet.

  • Easy to eat

Chicken meat is tender, succulent, tastier and versatile and therefore can be cooked in many ways. It has been widely seen as a healthy alternative to red meat, is easy to chew and swallow, hence good for the sick and young children

  • Make us feel good

Chickens, just like beef contains high quality proteins. However, it is low in saturated fat and contains high amounts of omega six fatty acids.

The proteins consist of nine essential amino acids that are vital for our health and nutrition and 11 other non-essential amino acids that we as human can produce.

Of these essential amino acids, Tryptophan is important in production of Serotonin hormones in the brain. This hormone is also called, ‘feel good’ chemical that helps boost our moods. So overall, eating chicken can help you lead a life without stress.

  • Promotes early brain development in children

Chicken meat is rich in Vitamin B12, also known as Cabalamin. This vitamin is important in early brain development of the child while in the womb and maintains the integrity of the nervous system and improves cognitive thinking.

It is advisable for pregnant mothers to eat plenty of chicken, to reduce the risks of miscarriages. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12 results into loss of feeling, difficulty in walking, memory loss and frequent mood swings.

Eating chicken meat reduces your risk of heart disease (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Reduces risks of heart diseases

Chicken meat is also rich in Vitamin B3, this is important in converting carbohydrates into energy and thus reducing cholesterol levels. This lowers the risks of heart ailments.

Vitamin B12 together with Vitamin B6, reduces the formation of lipid deposits in the lumen of our arteries, thus reducing the risks of high blood pressure.

Vitamin B12 can only be sourced from animal proteins, therefore vegan or vegetarian diets must be supplemented or fortified with this vitamin.

There is no scientific information on bad side effects of over consumption of Vitamin B12, as they will easily be filtered in the kidneys and expelled in the urine.

  • Contributes to bone strength

High protein, essential vitamins, and minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and copper are all important in development and health of our bones.

Old people who eat predominantly chicken diet rarely fall sick with arthritis. Pregnant mothers need plenty of proteins for tissue development of the fetus before term. Chew those chicken bones to extract enough calcium and phosphorus for strong healthy bones.

  • Build muscles

Are you a gym enthusiast? Do you want a well sculptured body for men or a nice curvier body for women? Well, 200g of chicken per day for 65-75kg weight bracket is the solution to well-built muscles.

Chickens have low fat and high-quality proteins that is important in creating that strong body that you are looking for. However, the best preparation is through grilling or roasting for a daily consumption, avoid deep frying of chickens if you can.

  • Eating chicken helps in weight loss

Chicken is in the category of lean meats. 100g contains 124 kilocalories of energy, 31g of proteins and 3 grams of fat. Compared to other animal sources of protein, the percentage of fat in chicken is low and is less associated with obesity.

A diet of chicken of reasonable quantity, will comfortably supply your nutrient requirement without falling over the bar.

  • Chicken soup reduces ‘hangover’ improves your immunity

Are you expecting a hangover? Soup of boiled chicken will restore your body fluids. If you are experiencing cold, a cup of chicken soup will loosen up mucus in the chest and revive your energies. It bolsters your immune cells and helps to restore health after a long illness.

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