Kenyan feted in top European coaching level


NAIROBI, KENYA: A Kenyan born who is now residing in Finland has attained top European coaching level, UEFA B, after qualifying through four levels of coaching path in Europe.

Josephat Siror, a former employee of Standard Group and Kapsigak Tea Estate players currently coaches at JJK FC (Jyväskylä Football Club) in Finland.

"Coaching has always been close to my heart be it athletics or football which are dual disciplines that often share similar aspects of sport," he says.

"The fete is a significant step forward in coaching career which is envied by every football coach globally and often rare given demands presented at this level."

Before, Josephat also known as Jose has coached Espoo Football Club (Finland) and attended high level coaching such as that offered by Finnish Football Federation, SPL Central Finland Football Federation, Edukick Spain International Football Academy, World Class Coaching of Netherlands, Finnish Coaches association and Fortum Tutor Programme.

These great experiences and exposure is courtesy of the support from JJK FC and by extension the Finnish Football Federation high quality training for coaches that augurs alongside top-level European coaching system.

Back in his native home, he actively engages athletes in various training activities and occasionally facilitates them with material support and mentoring their coaches.


"We have great talent and potential to improve Kenyan football just like athletics," he said.

Recently, he mentored aspiring coaches and players through modern coaching principles alongside contacting soccer clinics at Gigiri football academy (Nairobi).

He embraces the unique Finnish sports system that puts deep emphasis on player development at tender age through to competitive level.

"This level offers a solid base to help develop players according to vast competitive demands of the game," he noted.

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