How to make the perfect burger at home

Making the perfect burger at home (Photo: Courtesy)

Most people would agree that burgers are a top tier snack all over the world. That combination of flavors from the juicy patty to the sauces makes it all come together magnificently.

Yes, burgers are amazing but not all of them taste great. It might look like a simple snack to prepare where you just pile up the ingredients but that is not necessarily true.

To make the perfect burger, you need to be keen on the details. Here’s how you can go about making the burger of your dreams:

Ingredients you will need to prepare your burger (Photo: Courtesy)
  • What you will need

One of the secrets to an amazing burger is the right ingredients.

To ensure you get it, here is what you will need-premade burger patty (or homemade minced beef patties), hamburger buns (white or brown), white onions (red onions are too strong), tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese slices, seasoning and sauces (ketchup, mustard, chili sauce and mayo would be great).

Always cut the vegetables you will need in advance (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Preparation

Start by preparing your burger patty. If it’s a little frozen or too cold, let them warm up for a few so that you don’t end end up with a dry burger. Sprinkle both sides of your patty and around the edges with enough salt and pepper or any other seasoning you might like.

Next, chop your white onions horizontally, to get thick rings. Season them a bit with salt and any other seasoning of your choice. When you’re done, slice your buns into halves, horizontally.

Prep your pan with enough oil and let it heat for a few minutes on medium heat, being careful not to let the oil overheat. A non-stick pan would be best here to prevent your patty from sticking or breaking.

Ensure the patty is properly cooked before melting cheese on it (Photo: Courtesy)

Place the patty on the pan along with the onions. Set aside enough time for the patty to fry as you let the onions caramelize for a few minutes. If you have enough space on your pan you can place the buns to toast them on both sides of the halves for just a few minutes, then remove them.

Meanwhile you can slice your tomatoes horizontally, making sure the slices aren’t too thin or too thick. Next, mix your sauces together into a bowl for the flavors to merge evenly.

Once the onions are done, remove and drain any excess oil on a paper towel.

Once you’re sure one side of the burger is ready, flip it on the other side for it to cook. You can then take a slice of your cheddar cheese and lay it on top on the bun. A simple trick to get it melting is to place another pot or pan on top of the patty for a few minutes as you give the other side of the patty time to get ready.

Voila! You have your burger ready and delicious (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Assembling

You will begin by spreading a generous amount of your sauce on both halves of your buns. Next, place the lettuce leaves and if they’re too big, break them first.

When done, place the tomato slices, season with a bit of salt and seasoning and spread some more of your sauce on.

The next layer is your patty, then the onions and finally the top half of your bun.

You can now enjoy this simple, yet delicious burger!

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