Belt up, time to rev virtual Formula 1 engines at Village Market

The launch of REV - a virtual realty F1 race experience at the Village Market, Nairobi, on Wednesday November 25, 2020. [Standard Sports]

The Federation Internationale de l' Automobile (FIA) president Jean Todt has welcomed the move by the Village Market, Nairobi, to launch a virtual reality F1 racing experience.

The launch was attended by Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, Jubilee Party vice chair David Murathe and government officials.

Phineas Kimathi, the director of WRC Safari Rally Project, former Safari Rally driver Patrick Njiru and Sanjay Shah, the director Kingsway, also attended the launch.

The virtual race at Village Market, Nairobi, dubbed ‘REV’ is the first virtual reality racing experience in the region and is modelled around Formula 1 experience.

It has four simulators which creates a real life experience of driving in a real Formula 1 race car.

The simulators can do up to a maximum speed of 300km per hour just like on a Formula 1 track.

Professional F1 drivers use these simulators to practice ahead of actual races.

There are multiple Formula 1 race tracks from around the world that one can choose from, including Monte Carlo, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Fédération Internationale de l' Automobile (FIA) president Jean Todt and Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed during the launch of REV - a virtual realty F1 race experience at the Village Market, Nairobi, on Wednesday November 25, 2020. [Standard Sports]

REV gives one the experience to be a real F1 driver and feel the thrill of the famous race tracks around the world.

Todt, himself having competed in the Safari Rally, said he was happy Village Market had set up the simulators.

“It will be an experience for Kenyans and lovers of motorsport. On Safari Rally, all is going on well,” Todt said.

Njiru said he was excited he will have an opportunity to experience what Formula 1 drivers go through.

“The adrenalin when driving a rally car is out this world, but I think doing speeds of upto 300km/h is something else. At least I will have a chance to do so here at the Village Market although in a simulator,” Njiru said.

Village Market managing director Manoj Shah praised the government’s efforts through the NTSA to ensure safety on Kenyan roads.

“We are fortunate that the government is proactive by engaging with different agencies to ensure we reduce road accidents,” Shah said during the launch.


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