Stop ethnic politics, Wandayi tells Nyeri Governor

National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi speaking in Siaya. [Courtesy]

National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi has cautioned UDA leaders against fueling ethnic tension and castigating those who voted against the Kenya Kwanza government.

Wandayi said it was wrong to ridicule other communities on account of how they voted in the last election.

Wandayi who was speaking in Ugunja,Siaya where he presented interim driving licences to 111 youths from Ugunja Constituency who were sponsored by Ugunja NG-CDF as part of our on-going youth empowerment programme,pointed out that Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga’s utterances risks dividing the country along ethnic lines.

Wandayi argued that ,just like any other tax-paying Kenyans,all regions need to be treated equally, irrespective of how they voted in the last election.

"It was unfortunate for Nyeri Governor to say that the current government only belongs to certain community and that community must benefit from it before any other.His questions on why a stadium is being constructed in Bungoma and why the government has scrapped off sugar debts for sugar farmers is in bad taste," he argued.

Kahiga last Sunday during a church service in Nyeri complained about the national allocation of funds saying some regions were given more compared to Mt Kenya yet they did not contribute enough votes in President William Ruto's 2022 vote basket

Kahiga is also on record, defending and supporting deputy President Rigathi Gachagua as some Kenya Kwanza leaders hit out on him.

Wandayi on Tuesday said Kahiga must be called to order and the self-entitlement being exhibited through unfortunate remarks must come to an end.

"The government of Kenya cannot be a property of only those who voted for it because every Kenyan regardless of where they voted pay taxes. They are entitled to development projects, "he argued.

He said as a leader it is wrong for Kahiga to preach politics of primitivism and backwardness.

"We do not care the kind of wars you have in your party UDA. That is your business, just do not use it to divide Kenyans along tribal lines. Do not use your wrangles to look down upon Kenyans who do support your party, " he warned.

He added: "If we start inciting other Kenyans not supporting this government to also not pay taxes,where will this government go? Someone occupying an office such as that of Governor must be responsible with what he says in public .Do not use those wrangles in your party to start creating animosity in the country. There are so many Kenyans who are less bothered about your wrangles."

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