REVEALED: Soccer officials ferry slay queens and girlfriends on foreign trip

Word has it that instead of travelling with doctors and journalist, some top soccer officials opted to ferry slay queens and girlfriends on foreign trip.

Things became thick for the junior officials and team members after the said officials disappeared to the nearest lodging with their slay queens on reaching their destinations, leaving the team disorganized.

“I suspect foul play after I saw numerous women powdered faces among those who were to travel. I doubted if they were journalist or doctors,” said our source.

It is not the first time sports delegations have been infiltrated by slay queen, leaving players high and dry.

“It is not a common thing spread across all sport delegations, in fact if something is not done, it will soon become a tradition, “a source told offside.

The six-day trip was of course a jackpot for slay queen who landed back all giggly and sparkling.

By Stephen Rutto 48 mins ago
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